Replacement Doors & Panels

Replacement Doors and Panels for Gas Turbine Enclosures

gas turbine enclosure

gas turbine enclosure

Consolidated Fabricators has developed an intelligent approach to replacement doors and panels for gas turbine enclosures.

Repairing or replacing damaged or worn-out gas turbine enclosure doors or panels has traditionally been a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive chore. Because they were non-standardized welded fabrications, each old door or panel required its own engineering drawing, not to mention a complex manufacturing sequence and factory assembly which eliminated any opportunity for on-site modification.

GT SMARTDOOR™ products (Patent Pending) represent a whole new approach to enclosure maintenance: a better door or panel, that’s easy to order (no need to dig out old drawings), and can be re-insulated or re-gasketed on-site to maintain thermal and acoustic performance.

GT SMARTDOOR products:

  • Function Better — Compare SMARTDOOR™ Design vs. OEM Door Design
  • Are Easier to Order — See our simplified Enclosure Door and Panel Order Form
  • Are Attractively Priced — Because we’ve designed these doors and panels from the ground up with ease of manufacturing in mind, you can expect substantial savings.

Add it up: a thermally and acoustically-superior product, less ordering hassle, and a lower price: truly a SmartDoor.

Complete Assembled Enclosures

If you need more than a few retrofit doors or panels for your GT, ask ConFab about designing a complete new enclosure. We can design a better-then-new solution that incorporate many improvements over your OEM enclosure.

gas turbine enclosure
Replace your failed door or panel.
gas turbine enclosure
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